Tuesday Tunesday #10 | Kimbra – Miracle

With all the shit that goes on in the world, sometimes we use music to escape.

Actually, a lot of the time, we use music to escape. We use it to help us feel happy, sad, excited, tired, pumped, relaxed… You name it, music can make us feel it.

This song makes me smile and I think that right now, that’s something that we all want to do.

Kimbra was catapulted to international stardom via one song, (542 million views. WTF!), but it was something that would have happened no matter what. She is a star. A very talented vocalist and song-writer that is not afraid to try different styles and genres all within her very short career thus-far.

Her new album, ‘The Golden Echo’ has just been released along with this track, ‘Miracle’. This track is funky disco goodness. The bass-line is infectious, the hook is catchy and it just makes you want to grab the bored girl on the train and spin her around.

You should probably avoid reading this review from Pitchfork that says it goes for “a minute and half too long”. This is funk, man! You can go as long as you want!

Tell me you can’t watch this video and not move your hips like a creepy old man or woman.

9 years ago

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