Tuesday Tunesday #7 | The Hilltop Hoods – Through The Dark

As I write this, there are three Australian, nay Sydney albums at the top of the ARIA charts. Is this the first time ever that three local bands occupy these positions?

I think it’s a great thing and perhaps shows the shifting landscape of music listeners in this country that we are really start to embrace our local talent.

They will probably dip quite quickly next week unfortunately, but it’s nice to get a snapshot of it while we can!


Next week the new No.1 album will be by this week’s #TuesdayTunesday band. The Hilltop Hoods have just released their 7th album, ‘Walking Under Stars’. It is meant to partner the 2012 ‘Drinking From The Sun’ but it has a decidedly different feel to it. With some dark lyrics and moody tracks, this album has the band taking a brave step and once again redefining hip-hop in this country.


The track ‘Through the Dark’ is penned and sung by MC Pressure (aka Daniel Smith) and stories his son’s battle with leukaemia when he was eight. The lyrics punch you where it hurts, the piano attacks your nerves and Pressure’s voice makes you quiver.

It’s a brilliant album and I could have picked the lighter and ‘Hoods of old’, ‘Cosby Sweater’, or the entertaining ‘Art of the Handshake’, but I really wanted to show the sensitive side of hip-hop.

All yours…and don’t blame me if your eyes start to leak..

9 years ago

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