Tuesday Tunesday #4 | Emperors – Shooting From The Bell Tower


Oh, hai! It’s Tuesday again which means it’s time for another tune that is in my ears this week.

I did think about putting up a London Grammar or Foster the People song, as I’ve been listening to them a lot ahead of reviewing them in the coming week, but then I heard this song and saw the clip and it totally won. (Also, London Grammar just cancelled, and I will probably miss half of FTP, but more on that later!)

I first heard of Emperors a couple of years back with their delicious tune, Be Ready When I Say Go. I admit I had pretty much forgotten how good it was (till I listened to it again today). Last week they released their brand new song, Shooting From The Bell Tower to go along with their upcoming 2nd album and tour. Not only is this a ripper of a 90’s throwback rock tune, but the video clip is something special, featuring a who’s who of rock bands from around the country, including Ness from Jebediah, Will from British India, Violent Soho, Papa vs Pretty and Johnny from Super Best Friends (Canberra represent!)

Also, I love a band that isn’t afraid to take the piss out of themselves.

Once again, an excellent Aussie rock song and your Tuesday Tune!

10 years ago

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