Tuesday Tunesday #2 | Violent Soho – Fur Eyes

It’s Tuesday already, and it’s a great reason to get another post up with my latest music favourite. I’m getting out to a lot of gigs lately and tonight I finally get to see two of my favourite Aussie bands of the last year.

They are Violent Soho and The Smith Street Band. Together! in one place! So awesome.

Violent Soho are one of those bands that teleport me back to my youth. Back when guitars were crunchy, drums were raw and lyrics were potty. The fact that this band is young and fresh makes it more exciting for me and gives me hope that the Grunge Movement is not dead. Children Collide were another one of those bands that gave me hope, but unfortunately they’ve fallen off the face of the planet, so I give you Violent Soho. The saviour of grunge!

Their latest single, ‘Fur Eyes’, is the 90’s sound all over and whilst you may say, “let go of the past man, that was so 20 years ago”, I’ll say, ‘Shut the hell up and go and listen to your electronic music somewhere else.“

The new video was just released this arvo, so it’s a perfect addition to Tuesday Tunesday!

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