I spent a great weekend in Canberra with my boys and the highlight was going to the ‘Ice in the City’ skating rink in Garema Place. We had done this once before and it’s worth going back to.

‘Snow’ machines blast ice powder over you as you attempt to skate around a mini rink with 50 other people. It can be a challenge, particularly if you don’t skate very often, but it’s enough time (60 mins) to get used to it and build your confidence.

My sister took this photo of us and it makes me smile. 

Canberra in winter, whilst is can be totally freezing, can also be beautiful. The sun was out. There was no wind. The air smells fresh and clean. That is the nice Canberra winter.

Today, however, is not an example of a nice Canberra winter.


I feel for my Canberra brethren today. Stay warm!

10 years ago

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